Lyon Beton - Concrete Print World
Lyon Beton - Concrete Print World Lyon Beton - Concrete Print World

Lyon Beton - Concrete Print World

Designer: Bertrand Jayr

329.00 (Including VAT at 20%)

Delivery: 5 - 10 Working Days


Concrete Print World

The idea of creating a concrete frame came during a visit in a street art gallery. When we saw street artist’s works on a frame canvas hanged on the wall, we feel that something was wrong. There must be a better way to bring these great works inside (in a gallery or at home) and still respect the artist purpose. Almost all the artists we like at Lyon Béton worked in a urban playground and, most of the time, concrete is an inherent part of their work. The missing link with our expertise in concrete transformation and urban artists was obvious. Why didn’t we thought about it before? Hello concrete frames!

Designed the concrete frame in collaboration with the french artist Bertrand Jayr with two goals in mind: an invisible hanging system and a easy way to install it. All our frames come with aluminum rules embedded in the concrete. They will receive the regular hooks that you’ve previously set on your wall. The concrete frame will therefore be pressed against the wall. The small concrete frames are well balanced to be simply placed on a console, the top of a fireplace or a buffet if you don’t want to hang them.

Size: H 50 cm, L 70 cm.

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