Mineheart - Delft Ceramic Bulldog Blue
Mineheart - Delft Ceramic Bulldog BlueMineheart - Delft Ceramic Bulldog Blue Version

Mineheart - Delft Ceramic Bulldog Blue

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Delft Ceramic Bulldog Blue

Origin: UK


Decorative ceramic bulldogs introduce a modern and playful twist to the classically patterned china crockery that they take their inspiration from. These little hounds look great on dressers, cabinets, warming by the fire or even as a table centerpiece, guarding your salt and pepper.

Wherever you place them they’ll look at you lovingly every time you walk by.

Made in glossy white ceramic glaze with blue floral transfers and crisp gold lustre detailing.

White gloss glazed ceramic

Size: H 28 cm, L 34 cm, W 13.5 cm

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