Normann Copenhagen - Marble Pebble Board Large Black

Normann Copenhagen - Marble Pebble Board Large Black

Designer: Simon Legald

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Designed: 2016

Marble Pebble Board Large Black

Origin: Denmark

The Pebble Board is cut in marble stone and polished.

Pebble is a collection for serving cheese, designed with an eye for elegant visual presentation. The collection consists of four different utensils and a serving board in two sizes.

Pebble takes its name from the rounded design that unifies the collection. The serving board in black marble has an organic shape and smoothed edges. A recess in the tray acts as a decorative detail and gives you a place to put your finger when lifting it off the table.

The Pebble collection is a must for the cheese or breakfast table, while the boards are also perfect for serving cold meats and snacks or as decoration in your interior design.

Size: H 1.2 cm, L 30 cm, W 18.9 cm.