Umbra - Karim Rashid - Garbino Bin White

Umbra - Karim Rashid - Garbino Bin White

Designer: Karim Rashid

9.50 (Including VAT at 20%)

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Designed: 2017

Waste Bin

A winner of numerous design awards and on permanent display at Art Museums, GARBINO's swerving rim, flowing curves and negative spaces make it the most glamorous of cans.

DESIGN INSPIRATION: Beauty and function are not separate. A mundane object like a trash can deserves great design. The GARBINO name is inspired by the acclaimed actress Greta Garbo.

Form elevates the handles above the waste for disposal
Rounded bottom prevents liquids from getting trapped in tight corners
Integrated handle for transport and easy disposal of contents
Curved bottom for easy cleaning
Capacity 9L (2.25 gallons)

Material: Plastic

Size: H 32 cm, W 27 cm