How much is that doggie in the window, the one with the waggly tail!

There are times in life that you get a wonderful surprise just when you least expect it, and that’s what happened to me this weekend! Here I am sitting pondering on what to write about when up pops an email from Magis about the launch of Puppy Goes Christmas 2022! YAY!

The Magis Christmas Puppy is a festive tradition for us at Panik Design. Any of you that follow us on Instagram will see the carrying on that happens when we are let loose with the Puppies! Last year to celebrate the release of the 2021 design we took Puppy out for lunch at our local pub! Our fabulous and dandy company founder, Paul Overton, was in one of his most extravagant seasonal outfits. Appearing like an extremely dapper Father Christmas, he took care of our beautiful real life company dog, Dexter, while the Panikista girls looked after the Magis Puppies! I think the saying is, barking mad!

Panik Design and Magis have worked together on some absolutely brilliant projects, one of the most well known being the furnishings in the Big Brother House. If you weren’t already familiar with the Magis Puppy Chair anyone that watched Big Brother instantly recognises this now famous and iconic piece. We are proud to say that we provided the Big Brother team with some fabulous furnishings to include Luce Plan lighting, Kartell Gnome garden stools, Seletti Spaceship ornament, NT Driade chair and the infamous Magis Flower Chair that Davina sat on during the evictions!

Magis have stolen the show yet again with the launch of the 2022 Dalmatian Puppy. It is a gloriously Christmassy white with a sprinkling of ruby red festive spots. I’m so excited to tell you that we have just managed to get some more of the 2020 edition and the golden 2021 puppies too, so you can have a Magis Christmas Puppy Party. Give a dog a home this Christmas with the utterly adorable, magically noel,  Magis Puppy! 

To see the Magis Puppies click on the link below!

The Magis Puppies –

The Magis Collection –

With Love!

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