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An In-Depth Look at Vola Kitchen Taps

Are you looking for an understated and elegant kitchen tap that can match any kind of decor or aesthetic? Then you may want to look into purchasing a VOLA kitchen tap. A new kitchen tap can drastically change the look of your kitchen and also improve your ability to cook and clean in the kitchen. 

With this in mind, read on for our simple buying guide on this quality product line to help you with your decision!  

About VOLA

It first helps to know more about the brand, the aesthetic, and the inspiration. The first VOLA taps were designed in 1968 by Arne Jacobson. He wanted a minimalistic but functional design where all of the mechanical parts of a mixer were hidden so that homeowners could only see the spout and handles. 

VOLA is the pinnacle of Scandinavian craftsmanship that is certified to meet the quality standards of ISO9001 as well as environment and work environment standards. They are made from solid brass and gunmetal, while the valve housings are made from dezincification resistant brass.

For over 50 years, all VOLA taps and accessories have been manufactured in Denmark through modern engineering technology and LEAN principles of production. This eliminates waste and boosts quality.


Vola KV1 tap in brass

VOLA KV1 Tap Kitchen Mixer

The Tap Kitchen Mixer comes in brushed stainless steel, high polished chrome, brushed chrome, and natural brass. It also comes in 14 colours in order to suit any kind of aesthetic. A few of the colours include: 

  • Light Blue
  • Matte Black
  • Bright Red
  • Pink
  • Orange
  • White
  • Yellow
  • Light Green

The handles come with ceramic disc technology with a 360-degree double swivel spout. The handle is built-in below the spout so that the tap creates a beautiful line and a minimalistic footprint. It also has a built-in water saving aerator. The pipe size is 10 mm and has a total height of 23.5 cm. 

Vola w Arne Jacobsen HV10 Mixer Combination Tap

Vola w Arne Jacobsen HV10 Mixer Combination Tap

The HV10 Mixer Combination Tap is available in brushed stainless steel, high polished chrome, brushed chrome, and natural brass. You’ll also enjoy the fact that it comes in just as many colours as the Tap Kitchen Mixer. This is the first VOLA mixer that Arne Jacobsen designed and truly showcases his minimalistic design aesthetic with a focus on line and shape. 

The curved line of the faucet itself is understated and elegant with mechanical parts that are hidden. The handles are circles within circles with a simple line bisecting their forms. This is a three-hole mixer combination with 1/4 turn ceramic stop values. 

The hole cut out sizes for the valves are 30 mm, while for the spout it’s 22 mm.

This is a great choice for homeowners who are looking for an even more minimalistic form where each shape of the faucet and handles are well-defined.

Vola Arne Jacobsen 121 One Handle build in mixer Tap

VOLA Arne Jacobson 121 One Handle Built-In Mixer Tap

The One Handle Built-In Mixer Tap comes with a handle that goes to the left and a spout on the right, and this set-up can’t be interchanged. It’s available in all 14 colours as well as materials that the previous two taps offer. This is a great option for basin sinks that need an easy operation, as one handle enables homeowners to handle dishes while changing the temperature. 

The low-profile, circle within a circle design is seen here with a simple line bisecting the handle. We like the fact that with the right finish and colors, the transition between sink and faucet can look almost seamless as if they were built-in. 

Vola HV1E Electronic Basin Mixer

VOLA HV1E Electronic Basin Mixer

If you’re looking for a faucet with hands-free operation, the Electronic Basin Mixer is your best option. With VOLA basin mixer taps, the temperature control handle is also available with or without a peg. If you order the model without a peg, it can still be locked into a preset position during its installation. It also comes with batteries so you can enjoy immediate operation.

Hands-free operation is a great choice for people who are cooking in the kitchen often. For instance, handling raw chicken or chopping messy foods means you’ll need to wash your hands more often. Instead of leaving the sink on for too long or struggling to turn the faucet on with a wrist or elbow, an electronic faucet provides instant convenience and is a more sanitary option.

Vola w Arne Jacobsen RB1L Pillar Tap

VOLA w Arne Jacobsen RB1L Pillar Tap

The RB1L Pillar Tap is a relatively affordable option if you’re looking for a bathroom faucet or a smaller kitchen tap that isn’t as tall as the other offerings. This pillar tap comes with 1/4 turn ceramic disc technology, a long lever on the handle, a fixed spout, and a water-saving aerator. 

The pipe size is 10 mm while the hole cut out size is 32 mm. As with all the other offerings, this tap comes in 14 different colours as well as brushed stainless steel, high-polished chrome, brushed chrome, and natural brass. 

The simplicity of this tap, as well as the elegant lines of the faucet and handle, are where it shines. Even though it’s smaller, it’s able to match the aesthetic of the larger kitchen taps on offer so that your home is cohesive in its design elements. 

VOLA Kitchen Tap: Quality Design

When it comes to choosing a VOLA kitchen tap, you’ll first want to consider the design of your kitchen as well as the functionalities you desire. For instance, if you’re looking for a minimalistic design aesthetic with two handles instead of one, the HV10 Mixer Combination Tap is an elegant option and is one of the classics. 

On the other hand, if you’re frequently cooking in the kitchen and need a convenient and sanitary way to reliably wash your hands, we recommend the HV1E Electronic Basin Mixer. You’ll enjoy the advanced technology along with the same minimalistic design aesthetics you’ve come to admire in VOLA. 

Ready to look at more of your VOLA options through a reputable authorised dealer? Keep browsing our full VOLA range here

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