Sometimes, all you need is luck!

It has the beginnings of a love story! When Vipp founder Holger Nielsen won a car on his ticket to the local soccer stadium in 1932, little did he know it was the beginning of Vipp. Ironically, Holger loved the car but didn’t have a driving licence. Selling the car, he was able to buy a metal press. This allowed him to indulge in one of his greatest passions – steel!  A few years later when his wife needed a bin for her hairdressing salon Holger designed for her what is known today as the infamous Vipp pedal bin. This seemingly practical and functional gift to his wife flourished into the birth of a full blown design universe. And the rest, they say, is history!

“Our ambition is a world with fewer but better products. The philosophy present in all Vipp products is taken straight out of the bin – evoking function over form and staying power over fading trends.” Vipp

The Back to Beige Collection is an interpretation of the very first colour choice for the pedal bin by Holger. “The revival of Holger’s beige on classic Vipp products subscribes a warm and feminine sophistication to industrial materials,” explains interior designer, Julie Cloos Mølsgaard, who has guided Vipp in a more tactile direction regarding material and colours. After decades of a strict black-and-white-only colour choice, the permanent Vipp collection is now infused with warmer, evocative notes. Using a nude tone has created a contemporary twist to the original classic. Eleven products indulged the Beige makeover! These include the five-sized pedal bin, soap dispenser, toothbrush holder, toilet brush, and laundry basket. Each item has been lovingly dusted in a sandy, mat powder-coating with a slightly textured surface – perfectly complementing the existing black and white hues.

The Vipp Pedal Bin is one of our best sellers at Panik Design. From his lucky win. Holger created an every day item and made it a piece of timeless design history. We are so excited about the reveal of the new Beige Collection we could barely contain ourselves to wait for the release date! Launching Beige is truly a tribute to the design heritage that Holger Nielsen initiated when he crafted the iconic Vipp pedal bin in 1939. The Vipp story really is a reminder that sometimes in life, luck is all you need! 

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