My Geisha Perfume Displays Magis Puppy Blog Post

All the better to smell you with, my dear!

My Geisha MK meets Panik Design

Whipping up a plate full of fun is a requirement of our job at Panik Design. This week the plate was metaphorically full, so we decided to decant some of the fun into a bottle. A perfume shaped bottle to be exact! 

"The story began years ago… My Geisha started as a dream, the concept and scale of the brand turned it into a dream come true! At My Geisha Milton Keynes we are in love with fashion, luxury perfumes and the city we live in. We listen and learn, figuring out your unique tastes and preferences so we can find the individual scent that fits you to a tee." Adrianna Mihai, Owner My Geisha Milton Keynes

Furniture, fashion, and fragrances are 3 loves of ours at Panik. Our dandy company founder, Paul Overton, who dresses like he is on a catwalk every day of the week, uses his flamboyant style to echo the outrageous and extraordinary beauty of the contemporary design items in our showroom. Complimenting style with scent is compulsory as far as we are concerned!

Perfume is not just about smelling good, it is a memory creator. Most of us can recollect a person or a place simply by recognising a smell that connects us with that impression. The sensory reaction to a familiar smell can be powerful and intense, a throwback that, with your eyes closed, can feel like you are right back in that moment. Out of all our senses, smell is the most persuasive. It has the ability to generate intense emotions and recollections, meaning fragrance can play a powerful role in creating positive first, and lasting, impressions in any space.

The owners of the perfume boutique My Geisha UK, in Milton Keynes enjoy an exciting partnership with us here at Panik, and here is the compulsory fun part... what did we spot in the window of their shop this week? The iconic Limited Edition Magis Puppy, supplied by us! The Magis Puppy is world famous ever since it's appearance in Big Brother and here it is, the perfect mascot for guarding the alluring scents at My Geisha MK

At Panik we are used to working with large corporate businesses but it is a great pleasure of ours to be involved with a new start up company like My Geisha in Milton Keynes. We wish our friends Romeo and Adriana all the very best and a prosperous future with their beautifully smelling venture!
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