Vipp 452 Monti Limited Edition Chair blog post

Calling All Vipp Fans!
It's a question I am used to being asked when I tell people what I do for a living. As a writer for contemporary furniture design I am often asked, what is contemporary design? Unapologetically, my reply to this varies depending on what mood I'm in! However, I can justify this with the reason that 'contemporary' style is ever changing, always adapting to emerging trends and new design movements. Which brings me to my introduction for Vipp. This is a company who took interior furnishings to the next level. And here's how....

The Evolution of Vipp

It's one of those stories you want to tell your grandchildren. When Vipp founder Holger Nielsen had a lucky win in 1932 on his ticket to watch a soccer game, the prize was a car. Little did he know that this would be the birth of Vipp. Later, when his wife Marie needed a bin for her hairdressing salon, Holger sold the car, bought a metal press, and created the infamous Vipp pedal bin. The success of the pedal controlled bin in 1939 flourished into a design extravaganza of furniture, kitchens and ironmongery accessories and started a chemical reaction of hotel demand for the Vipp line of furnishings and fitments. 

Since the roaring triumph of the pedal bin, Vipp launched a dream and opened its possibilities to not just furnishings, but the buildings that contains them. Their first endeavour being the Shelter, a 55 m2 steel pod by a Swedish lake. The buzz surrounding the Shelter encouraged the expansion of Vipps hospitality portfolio of one-room-wonders that now include a converted Danish farmhouse, a lodge in the Andorran mountains, and a renaissance Italian palazzo. In the heart of Brescia, halfway between Milan and Verona, stands a 13th century palazzo decorated with frescoes from 1750. To date, over 200 artists from 50 countries have been welcomed by Palazzo Monti. Each artist is invited to leave a piece created during their stay. Thus explaining why the palace boasts a vast collection of paintings and prints, installations and objects in ceramic, iron, bronze, marble, or wood inspired by the savoir-faire of the Italian territory.

Designed as a limited edition for Palazzo Monti, the Vipp 452 Monti Edition of their original swivel chair is the perfect example of classic contemporary design. Here we have the underestimated simplicity of a swivel chair, upholstered using deliberate use of texture in a subtle yet sophisticated style, showcasing clean lines in the polished frame. This makes the Monti Edition an experimentation of spontaneity at its finest, distinguishable from others. An elegant take on the day to day office chair, Monti steals the show in any room it is placed. Bring a little touch of the Palazzo Monti to your surroundings with the luxurious vibe of the Vipp 452 Monti Edition Chair!
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