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Designing a designer Tagline!

Key pendants are a tradition customarily given as a gift on your 21st birthday.  At Panik Design we love anything that comes with a little twist, which is the reason for my newsletter today! It has been 21 years since the birth of our fabulous company, and we are celebrating the opening of this door in the form of a brand new shiny website! 

Here's the fun part... we want our customers to get involved by helping us create a company Tagline. Some of the world's biggest brands have really catchy taglines that you end up humming all day! They can be written with a sense of humour, to create dramatic affect or simply to clarify a thought for the product or company it is attached to. Linking this competition in with our 21st year of business the lucky winner of the slogan we choose will receive a gift from us of £210.00 to squander on whatever your heart desires at Panik!

Launching a new website has been something that has upped the vibe in our office. We are a super buzzy team at the best of times so designing an image for Panik with razzle dazzle has been so fun. We wanted to put something together with our customers being the primary focus, in a setting that makes our furnishings POP. There is always room for growth and technology is no exception. We pride ourselves on being the movers and shakers in the contemporary furniture world but even we want a sprinkling of glitter from time to time, and that is what our new website will give you. Sugar, spice and all things nice is what the Panikista Girls are made of and what's more exciting than to give you a designer website as sweet as we are! Consider this a website makeover to rival Hollywood's most glitzy stars. Our new platform will be so outrageously Drag there will be more glamour than a Ru Paul Show!

To take part in our Slogan competition just email your ideas me, and we will be in touch.

Good Luck! 

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