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Cupid Goes Contemporary! - Panik Design
SELETTI – The most outrageous designs beyond all stretches of your imagination.

It's pop art gone WILD!

Being serenaded by conceptual ideas is all part of Seletti's job description. From its very first year in 1964 this Italian company centred their focus on innovation, originality and creative excellence. Delivering an explosion of images that blow your mind comes as naturally to Seletti as an Essex girl's tan! There is only one buzzword when it comes to Seletti - FUN! 

Collections from this brand are a marriage of art blended with life icons. Every single piece gives you functionality that bursts with humour. Nonconformist yet stylish, the Seletti line holds a distinctive design philosophy. Playful, standing out from the crowd and taking inspiration from everyday objects but always with an unexpected, witty twist. Surprising and delightful in equal measures and always a talking point in any room. 

Cupid... pull back your bow!

Valentines day is just around the corner. Love is in the air and not just with a person. We fall in love every day either with someone, something or just with life. The Seletti Cupid Lamp is about to shoot his arrow! Once again this infamous brand has given us an angel with a wow factor. Seletti brings the world a cupid light and his arrow is aimed straight at you!  Make your Valentine smile with a gift that stands out from the crowd. Or simply indulge in this for yourself and bring love into your life in the form of contemporary design. One thing is for sure, this lamp will be the Love of your Light!

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