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Taking a peek in the Panik Clearance outlet!


Ahhhh and breathe! We've made it through the madness. With Christmas now behind us it's time to shimmy into January and find some mischief to get into. This week at Panik Design we've been talking about you, our beloved customers and what we could do to make you feel special. Our brainstorming came to a decision. We think you deserve a little treat and what better than a big fat January SALE!

Now here's the exciting bit! Every day throughout January we will be adding 50 new items to our Clearance outlet. We've decided to clear our shelves by offering insanely discounted items! Our company founder is always extravagant, and not just in his dress sense. This month he is offering you insanely low prices!  The discounts in our clearance outlet are so outrageous we are almost giving our furnishings away! The Panik Outlet is the space for all our overstocked and end-of-line designs. You need to be swift if you are purchasing from our clearance outlet, things get snapped up quickly because once it is out of stock, it will be gone for good! We are so happy to be able to offer these iconic furnishings to you at knockout prices! So let me get your juices flowing by tempting you with discounts of up to 90% off! Whoohoo!

A sought-after part of the outlet holds our designer lighting. Good lighting is responsible for so much, not just whilst taking a selfie! Apparently, Marilyn Monroe famously said that everyone looks beautiful in candlelight, which is absolutely true. I think this is the same for room lighting. In smaller spaces with low ceilings lighting can make the room look much bigger. The use of bright bulbs allows for expansive light that will make a room appear brighter, larger, and more open. Equally, using dim lighting can create a cosy or romantic feel, just by adjusting the softness and position of the bulbs.

So if you feel that your home has lost its festive sparkle, look at where lighting could play a part in maximising the use of your space. However, there's much more than just lighting available in our clearance line, there is something for every room. Maybe your living room needs brightening up or you want your boudoir to be more seductive. Having the right furnishings is key to enhancing the atmosphere in your room. We have a fabulous selection of goodies, for a fraction of the original price, what's not to love about that!

Happy New Year! From the Panik Design Team

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