Innermost Canvas Armchair and Sofa Blog Post

Is it a Painting or a Chair?! - Panik Design
Here's the twist. It's a painting, but you can sit on it!

Illusion becomes a contemporary art form when it comes to the Innermost Canvas Armchair and Sofa. Outrageously conceptual with a distinct Alice In Wonderland feel about it, this painting is the definition of functional art! At Panik Design we often describe our collections as more than just furniture. These creations are instant conversation starters and always steal then show in the environment they are placed. The Canvas design has achieved what should certainly be unachievable. A 2-dimensional piece that leans against a wall creating a seat that can actually be sat on! Have you ever seen anything like it?!

Designed by YOY, the Canvas chair won the Design for Asia Awards in 2014 Merit Recognition for its interesting take on the traditional chair. Offering a surreal interpretation of what is possible and what is not, the piece is as effective as a chair as it is a painting. Pushing the boundaries on abstract ideas, this item from Innermost represents the brand's passion for artistic revolution. Playing on the talents of a optical illusionist, the Canvas Armchair and Sofa encourages the communication between our eyes and brain. By expertly creating curiosity about depth, shading, lighting, and position throws triggers on our perception of how you interpret what you see.

Distinctly appealing to anyone who loves the beautifully strange and unusual this chair provides both a sense of humour and innocent trickery of the mind. Allowing curiosity in the eye of the beholder makes this one of the most playful, fascinating and fun pieces in our showroom. We absolutely love it!

So tell me, what do you see first? A painting or a chair?!
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