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This is Not a Moschino Toy!

“Having been a long time fan of Kartell and their illustrious history of superb Italian design, I feel so lucky to be included in their roster of collaborators, who rank as some of my biggest heroes.”

Moschino by Jeremy Scott

At Panik Design we LOVE anything that appears to look like something but is actually something else entirely! Our showroom is full of things like this. Lemon squeezers that look like an alien, lighters that look like... actually I won't say. Look it up for yourself it's called the Alessi Firebird. I'll let you make up your own mind! Anyway, this is the case for the Kartell Toy Lamp. When our super duper stylish company founder, Paul Overton, arrived at work today he was wearing a Moschino silk scarf that ironically matches the Moschino Toy Lamp. We couldn't miss this photo opportunity, so we all went out for lunch with Paul wearing his scarf, holding the Moschino Toy Lamp. How fun!

Originally, Toy by Moschino was a floral woody musk fragrance for women and men. Launched in 2014, the perfume bottle is in the shape of a brown teddy bear wearing a t-shirt with the logo 'THIS IS NOT A MOSCHINO TOY'. Jeremy Scott then took this one step further by designing a table lamp for Kartell in the same shape with the identical logo. Voila! See I told you, this is what we love! Is it perfume or a toy? Is it a lamp or a toy?! The product Toy is a bear that is not just a bear but a perfume, and now a lamp too! This concept just makes us smile! Scott, at the helm of fashion house since 2013, relaunched the iconic Toy bear of Moschino in the playful, irreverent, and recognisable style that the two brands have in common.

As this bear says on its t-shirt, THIS IS NOT A MOSCHINO TOY, but a characterful, joyful lamp available in the classic teddy bear brown and a rich shining gold. Everyone loves Moschino. That is a statement and a fact. This world famous designer name shaped n the form of a teddy lamp radiates happiness from any room it's placed in. Let Toy light the way!

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