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Even as I am sat here typing this, I'm thinking should I, shouldn't I? It's getting closer and closer to (dare I say it) Christmas. There, I said it! The elves are tinkering away as we speak! Please accept my apologies for bringing up the 'C' word while it is still October, but, at Panik Design we have some treasured decorations that are a must have, and I don't want you to miss out on being able to get them! Those of you who know me will admit, it is not like me to be organised. I am unapologetically chaotic and rush round at the last minute. So, this newsletter is a generous gift from me to you. It's the gift of preparing, ahead of time!

Today I would like to introduce you to our deeply heart warming Holmegaard Christmas collection. For many Holmegaard fans, the Christmas collection by Jette Frölich has become a tradition and it's not hard to see why. There are distinctly recognisable messages in Christmas that are reflected in her works. Care, generosity and preparation are beautifully translated into each piece. Christmas is an atmospheric time which Frölich expertly illustrates, inviting us to feel the emotion attached to this time of year. Simple, yet rich in festive language, Frölich talks to us through motifs that display a universal language of anticipation, magic and cosy gatherings with family and friends. 

Holmegaard Christmas is a Christmas series that has reflected the essence of Christmas for many years. Back in 1981, Jette Frölich created her characteristic paper cuttings for Holmegaard’s Christmas bottle for the very first time. Four decades later, Holmegaard’s Christmas decorations have become the much-loved collector’s items that are brought out year after year. It is their undeniable talent, of sharing Nordic Christmas stories in picture form. By taking festive scenes and transforming them from paper cuttings that are brought to life on glass, we are lost in our own seasonal feeling of bliss. It is items like these that contribute to the excitement, making Christmas so special.

Preparation for Christmas is the gift I want to give you today. Make your festive season stand out from the crowd with the elegant and timeless, Holmegaard Christmas collection!
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