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Honey I shrunk the Bin!

It's not short. It's just more down to earth than other items! 

Today at Panik Design it's all about size! Or lack of to be exact. This morning we are ooohing and aaahing over the tiny little Vipp Miniature Bin. I myself reach a respectful 5ft half an inch in height (never forget the half an inch!). Technically I think this means I qualify as being on the short side. Petit is the description I like to use. It's somehow so much more attractive than just being called a titch. Ok, so I can't reach things on the top shelf, and I can't reach the overhead compartments on an aircraft. But I never bump my head on low ceilings in country establishments AND I can squeeze through a minute gap in the window if you lock yourself out of your house! Being small can be incredibly useful. As is the Vipp Mini Bin! Standing at only 10.9cm the Mini is just as functional as its original prototype, it is the perfect place for cotton buds or those tiny bits and bobs that need a small container. 

Downscaled functionality. Vipp

For those of you who are not familiar with my writing, here is a little (no pun intended!) bit of history on Vipp. It really has the beginnings of a love story! When Vipp founder Holger Nielsen won a car on his ticket to the local soccer stadium in 1932, little did he know it was the beginning of Vipp. Ironically, Holger loved the car but didn't have a driving licence. Selling the car, he was able to buy a metal press. This allowed him to indulge in one of his greatest passions - steel!  A few years later when his wife needed a bin for her hairdressing salon Holger designed for her what is known today as the infamous Vipp pedal bin. This seemingly practical and functional gift to his wife flourished into the birth of a full blown design universe. And the rest, they say, is history!

The Vipp Miniature Bin is built in scale to the authentic model and even has a operational pedal! Remaining true to the first design in proportions, materials, and functionality, this is everything you get with the VIPP15 just miniature! As the saying goes, all the best things come in small packages. With the Vipp Mini Bin, it certainly does!

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