Alessi Blow Up Table Blog Post

Honey I've Blown up the Table!
"Light becomes a fundamental design element in the Blow up series, particularly in its interaction with the design of the small table, filtering between the rods suspended in mid-air and then gently passing through the glass top above them" Alessi

Stating a fact, the Alessi brand is hotter than ever! Over 80 years ago  Giovanni Alessi and his brother founded Fratelli Alessi Omegna in the early 20th century and began their 'workshop for processing brass and nickel silver sheet, with a foundry'. It was Giovanni's infatuation with metalwork that has proved the Alessi brand to be one of the most well known stylists of the last 8 decades, their reputation for scrupulous crafting and flawless finish holds it's own to this day!

Alessi have an incredible talent. The ability to provoke thought and create conversation from what should be a simple piece of furniture. When I first met the founder of Panik Design, Paul Overton, over 25 years ago my reaction to seeing the futuristic products by this brand was nothing short of an eye boggling, 'what on earth is THAT?’ moment!  I'd never seen anything like it! Alessi have gone and done it again with the Blow Up Table. Is it a Jenga game or is it a home furnishing?! Let your imagination take you to that magical place that Alessi seem to create when it comes to design.

Admitting our Alessi addiction is easy, it's best to just be honest about these things! This brand is part of the Panik DNA, and we are always excited when there is a new release. The Blow Up Collection is another example of how Alessi continue to move with the times and keep our attention in the world of contemporary design. I can say with firm conviction, our unapologetic craving for more of Alessi's treasures will continue, forever!