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It's a Recycled  Rosendahl Christmas! - Panik Design
It's Mulled Wine time! At Panik Design we are celebrating this festive tradition with the ever so trendy Rosendahl Grand Cru Hot Drinks Glassware! Of course, you don't have to drink mulled wine, it is a bit of an acquired taste. These mugs are perfect for tea, coffee, or delicious hot chocolate, or maybe a hot gin toddy! Grand Cru is a French word which classifies a wine of the most superior grade, or the vineyard which produces it. These glasses absolutely live up to their name hence my newsletter today invites you join the spiced vin festivities! So, cop a spot, put a blanker on your knee and take a moment to sip the cinnamon infused flavours from this elegant glass cup. Let's savour these last days of peace. Before you know it, the last minute rush will be upon us whereby, most of us lose all dignity and grace as we get closer to the big day!

The Grand Cru collection is not just a pretty face. Rosendahl decided to celebrate the idea of recycling by releasing a line of classic glassware in crystal clear, recycled glass! The revival of this reused glass smashes a new environmentally friendly pulse to the Grand Cru series. Going green is their philosophy, and it is an honourable one. Not only does it promote global awareness, it is a real sign of the times we are currently living in. Developing a taste for sustainability is in Rosendahl's DNA. Their passion for the reinterpretation of clean eating and clean living is evident, making them a flagship company for recycled glass. In fact, I feel that their extraordinary take on reusing something we previously threw away makes them pioneers of the non-polluting design world! 

Someone once told me that the most precious gift you can ever own is peace of mind. This has stayed with me since the day I heard it and it has Rosendahl written all over it. Producing exquisite glassware with a clear conscience adds a thrill to the Grand Cru line. It echoes the voices for all that campaign for an Eco-Friendly world!

Be Proud. Be Part. Be Green with the Rosendahl Grand Cru Collection! 
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