Qeeboo Saguaro Coat Stand Blog Post

It's only a little Prick!

Create an exotic touch to your grand entrance hall!

Apparently love requires flowers, but truth requires thorns. The truth of the matter here is that we simply love giving you our opinion on the crazy outrageous, attention seeking and conversation starting furniture that we get so excited about. If a little of our taste meets your world what better way to embellish your home but with things that make you beam. At Panik Design fascination is limitless, happiness is everything. If we can make someone smile, then we consider that a successful day. The Qeeboo Saguaro Coat Stand, by Stefano Giovannoni, gets our signature grin, it's simply an involuntary reaction to this piece!

Saguaro is a columnar plant typical of the Sonoran desert that grows different branches as it ages. Designed to be anything but the normal coat rack for your home, Giovannoni once again turns conventional into exotic! Imagine entering your familiar space taking off your coat to hang, only to be faced with a huge brightly coloured cactus! Just the idea of it makes me burst out laughing! As with all Qeeboo's collections this item comes with a sense of humour warning. Adding value by challenging you not to smile is the cost that comes with owning a playfully unusual piece of interior design.

Italian design brand, Qeeboo founded by Stefano Giovannoni in 2016 launched an exciting new collection at Milan Design Week. The essence of the company is to create designs that stimulate self-expression and creativity by using off the wall ideas that rock your imagination! Qeeboo's rule of fun is to take an everyday object and transform it into a spectacular piece of functional art with a pop culture twist. Revealing the Saguaro Coat Stand held no exception to this rule. Redefining the concept of practical items using strong expressive identities is a talent that comes as naturally to Qeeboo as breathing!

Don't get prickly, it's only the Saguaro Coat Stand!

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