Panik Design's 21st Birthday Blog Post

It's our 21st Birthday! - Panik Design

"If they love it, it will make them smile..." Paul Overton

Celebrations are happening at Panik Design this week! Another year has passed and Panik is now 21 years old! The company's birthday has crept up on us this year. So much has happened, it's been such an exciting year that's for sure! We've welcomed 2 Panikista babies, a beautiful baby girl to Mickyla and a bouncing baby boy to Cata. We have also welcomed our wonderful new office chick Jasmine who has taken up the reins and joined the Panik ride! 

So, where did the Panik Design story start? With our extremely dapper business owner Paul Overton, that's where. Paul's addiction for contemporary furnishings started over 25years ago. The first piece he purchased was the infamous Alessi King Kong Tray swiftly followed by the iconic Juicy Salif. This started his appetite for conceptual ideas, developing into a thirst that could only quenched by MORE! His collection of high end, functional art was growing. As were the admirers that became 'groupies' wanting to have what he had. Paul's business in the design world began from his own living room and due to popular demand, he soon took a place in Central Milton Keynes shopping centre. News of this outrageous and uber dandy character spread like wildfire with shoppers all wanting the ultra chic newest releases, limited editions and must have designer furnishings for themselves.

It was in 2001 that the Panik Design name was born and, in 2006 moved to the premises at Kiln Farm. The showroom layout  is not indifferent to the original idea. 'Panic Rooms' can be traced back as far as ancient Egypt where secret rooms were built within the pyramid walls to protect an entombed pharaoh's treasures from thieves. This concept evolved over time into a version within castles and by the 1920's, it became a hidden room that stashed prohibition banned goodies! In essence, Paul has created his very own Panic Room within Panik Design. The showroom is our very own  Aladdin's Cave of riches, a fortress of urban and luxury delights!

The Panik Design business would not be possible without Paul Overton. There is something enchanting about people who are passionate about life, who have an ability to communicate with enthusiasm and who share extensive knowledge in their area of expertise. Paul carries himself purposefully with a positive attitude and great energy.  The satisfaction he gets from what he does is obvious, it is evident that he thoroughly loves the world of contemporary design. Part of the charm surrounding our company founder is his eternal optimism. He always expects fantastic results and success, which is exactly what he gets. Paul channels his focus entirely into the best outcome and this creates a happy and fun working environment. It is his creativity that allows the procession of turning imaginative ideas into reality, not just in the showroom, but in his dress sense! Paul has a unique style that makes him stand out and is used to characterise himself, fitting in perfectly with the dapper genre he works and lives in. 

As with every item displayed in the Panik showroom and online, it is Pauls powerful connection to the modern furniture world that brings in upcoming new releases, limited editions and collectors' items. Ultimately, the relationship built by Paul over the past 2 decades between his suppliers, designers and brands has allowed Panik to create a niche of their own and share with the public some of the most exclusive and desired objects in the world of artistic furnishings. Since starting the business in his own living room more than 20 years ago, the furniture emporium Paul created has expanded into a premium league. The Panik Design showroom and internet outlet is one of his greatest achievements and the place that holds his heart.

Happy Birthday Panik... May all your wishes come true!!!

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