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Buster and Punch get cosy with Tavis Barker! The result.... a collaboration project that will rock your world!

It doesn't take a lot to get the Panikista girls knickers in a twist. Over excitability is part of our job description! So let me ask you something and see if it raises your BPM. Question: Who is Travis Barker? Just in case you don't know, the LEGENDARY Travis Barker is a well known American percussionist who is as famous for his musical talent as he is for his white knuckle, adrenaline fuelled, extraordinary life. Not only has he survived a plane crash, he has also rendezvoused with just about every reckless thing that you can possibly think of and has lived to tell the tale! His latest achievement is thankfully not so life threatening but every bit as exhilarating. A collaboration project between the renowned London architect Massimo Buster Minale, founder of Buster and Punch, and the rock star Travis Barker himself. His design range is a line of the coolest, beautifully outrageous skull art you have ever seen!

Massimo and Travis collided after Buster and Punch came in to fit out a renovation at Travis' home. Massimo sensed the love and appreciation of architecture and interior design in Travis so the idea to produce a line together was born. Buster and Punch hold a deep passion for working with rare, solid metals. Their on the pulse, non conformist creative vibe transforms every day functional fittings into exceptional home details. Inspired by London's fashion, music, sub-culture scenes and street artists guarantees an injection of attitude into everything they produce. To sum up Buster and Punch, their mission is to reinvent forgotten home fittings into the unforgettable! In an interview with Travis he was asked about his inspiration behind creating the Skull Doorstop, a seemingly boring but essential item for living and work spaces. His answer being that you don't think a doorstop is cool until you see a really cool doorstop! And he is absolutely right. His entire collection pushes the boundaries of design and screams rock n roll. Each piece is crafted in solid metal making every item one of a kind.

The buzz surrounding the launch of the Buster and Punch line is infectious. At Panik we are always ecstatic to bring you anything that is mad, crazy and uber cool so being part of this has our team all in a spin! For us, the signature piece in this collection is the Skull Pendant Drum Key. It's the hero item that stands out from the crowd. Travis Barker is for sure unapologetically badass, a characteristic we could all do with from time to time! Take your home detail to the next level by bringing the rock world into your world!

B&P with Travis B. Proudly available at Panik D!
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