Mirror Mirror on the Wall!

'Dialoguing with ambiences'... Fiam

Apparently, there is a famous puzzle in mathematics and physics courses that asks, "Why does a mirror reverse left and right, but not up and down?" This will give many people pause for thought! At Panik Design we hold a torch for the irresponsible allure of the Fiam Caadre Mirror because of the enchanting beauty in its design. The science behind the position of the reflection becomes irrelevant when the star of the show is the mirror itself. Known for its evocative charm, the Caadre, designed by the infamous Philippe Starck, is quite possibly one of the most stylish mirror collections I have even seen.

"Perhaps narcissus has fallen into the water, intent on finding this mysterious mirror, framed in curved glass that reflects truth, while changing it? Truth or lie?'  Philippe Starck

Creating the illusion of space, even in the smallest of rooms, is a fascinating trick provided by a mirror. By capturing light, you can diffuse dark corners by using reflections in windows and doorways. Bouncing light around a room can reduce the need for artificial lighting which in turn lifts the atmosphere and makes even the darkest of corners feel inviting. Mirrors are the unofficial award winners of contemporary living, often used as the focal point by adding a grand statement to any space.

Elegant, graceful, and pure, the Fiam Caadre is an exquisite addition to any space it is placed. Without question, this is a mirror of luxury by design. Celebrated as one of our most exclusive lines, we are extremely proud to be an authorised retailer of this exceptional brand. Which leaves me with only one question....

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the Fiam of them all?!
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