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Seletti puts the POP  in ART! - Panik Design

SELETTI – A futuristic concept with a fun twist, marrying contemporary design with pop art.

Why do we wink?! This is the topic du jour at Panik Design today. I have to confess; I love getting a cheeky wink from a man! It turns me to jelly! It's so playful and hides the message of a secret promise! Interestingly, the sense 'to close an eye as a signal' was first recorded around the year 1100, while the figurative use of wink at meaning 'to close your eyes to something or ignore it deliberately' dates back to the early 15th century. Nowadays a wink is generally a flirty gesture or combined with a tap on the nose can indicate keeping something a secret. The Seletti Grace Table Light is the perfect example of a wink. A Goddess who gets off her pedestal by blowing a chewing gum balloon, rebelling against her elegant appearance. She accompanies her outrageous bubble gum chewing with a wink, establishing that instant hidden connection between two people.  

Romano Seletti raised the bar when he burst onto the scene in Cicognara, Italy, in 1964. I doubt the public had ever seen anything like it and still to this day, his collections have the necessary shock factor that both fascinate and spark interest. Innovative and fun, the vision for Seletti is to smash history with evolution and create pieces of high functioning art that stop you in your tracks to take a second look. With their designs whisking together a blend of style icon mixed with everyday purpose, Seletti furnishings are never short of a sense of humour and prove a talking point in any room!

Our company founder discovered this brand over 10 years ago, surfing the internet for something a bit wild and different. His wish was granted. Seeing the Seletti range for the first time Paul describes the experience as 'discovering the maddest, most humorously unusual and mischievous' line of design he'd ever seen! It's true to say that whether you are looking at these comical and brightly coloured pieces on our website or in our showroom, people's reaction is always the same. Look, stop, go back, stare, SMILE! If this concept tickles you, hit up our director Paul Overton on the phone for quirky facts about this genre or, visit us online and take part in the Seletti Try Not To Smile Challenge. I bet you cannot look at the Seletti collection without bursting out laughing! 

The world needs more fun... And it starts with Seletti!

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