Fatboy Sjopper-Kees Shopping Bag Holder Bog Post

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It is entirely possible that you know someone that might be a shopaholic. They look like ordinary people, live in ordinary houses and work in ordinary jobs!  Perhaps you admire their superhuman tolerance for standing in horrendously long lines or their ability to expertly manoeuvre their way through large crowds with catlike ease. Shopaholic is a term usually applied with a sense of humour and actually dates back to the 1940's. I don't think I have ever met anyone who loves shopping quite as much as our company founder, Paul Overton. This is an obsession that gives good reason to why he can provide you with the fine details of every product we have available.  Shopping is his heart's desire!

Our beautiful and talented social media goddess, Miss Mayya, did a really fun shoot this week on the Fatboy Sjopper-Kees Shopping Bag Holder. This bag is every shopaholics dream! No more broken handles or carrying 5 bags at once yay! The Sjopper-Kees holds your shopping for you making your shopping trips plastic bag free. Not only that, it is perfect for storing thigs round the house too like magazines, towels or even as a wine cooler!

Christmas is a time that many of us do more trips into town than ever. The Sjopper-Kees holder has just become your new best shopping partner! Not only is it practical but it looks stylishly cool too! Sjop till you Drop with the Sjopper-Kees Shopping Bag Holder! 

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