Fatboy Haddemock Hammock Blog Post

Swing it to me baby!
 Well colour me happy there's a hammock in here for 2!

Our company founder, Paul Overton, is famous in our office for always being glamorously dressed, all of the time. Even when he is watching TV! This strikes me as funny because even in the blaring heat we are having at the moment, he is still suited and booted. This concept tickles me even more when I imagine him sprawled out relaxing on the Fatboy Hammock in full red carpet attire!

 Writing this blog las year I was out in my garden in a swimming costume, sun shining down on me, birds tweeting in the trees. It is one of the luxuries of working from home that I take advantage of. During one of our daily FaceTimes to the office Paul found this set up amusing. Chuckling away to himself he commented 'fabulous, oh how the other half live!' and then, because he never misses a trick, said 'you need gold jewellery to match the gold clips on your costume!' Fashionista is in his DNA!

Design with a smile.....

This leads me to the reason for this newsletter today. The Fatboy Headdemock! Fatboy create their own versions of old favourites for your home and garden by translating the essence into iconic designs with a new flavour,  filling them full of ingenuity. With every detail, Fatboy look for the FUN in functionality and their Hammock does just this. There is a definite feeling of tranquillity and calm as you suspend yourself on these gloriously relaxing garden beds. They are contemporary Tropical with a capital T! Even more fun is that you can fit 2 people on the Haddemock. It's a Love Hammock! At Panik we believe you can bring a holiday to your home, or garden in this case. Owning a hammock is a little slice of vacation luxury, every time you lay in it!

Summer creates happiness so we have a little happy summer gift for you! Please use the special offer code WELCOME10 to receive 10% off any purchase until further notice!

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