Seletti Burgher and Hotdog Sofa Blog Post

Take a Bite! (R)Evolution is the only Solution! Seletti - Panik Design

Introducing a description for this brand can be done with one word. WOW! Just WOW! Seeing the Seletti collection is like being transported straight into another dimension. Each and every piece is, quite literally, an experience. It's not just furniture, it's a journey to parts of your imagination that you didn't know existed. Romano Seletti raised the bar when he burst onto the scene in Cicognara, Italy, in 1964. The public had never seen anything like it! Innovative and fun, the vision for Seletti is to smash history with evolution. Creating pieces of functional art that stop you in your tracks to take a second look is their trademark. With their designs whisking together a blend of style icon mixed with everyday purpose, Seletti furnishings are never short of a sense of humour and prove a talking point in any room!

Our company founder discovered this brand over 10 years ago, surfing the internet for something a bit wild and different. His wish was granted. Seeing the Seletti range for the first time Paul describes the experience as 'discovering the maddest, most outrageous, unusual and mischievous' line of design he'd ever seen! It's true to say that when you see their comical and brightly coloured pieces people's reaction is always the same. Glance, stop, go back, stare, SMILE!

Seeing the Burgher and Hotdog Sofas for the first time I did what I always do with this brand. I stood, eyes wide, burst out laughing and thought, where on earth did the idea for this come from! Seletti holds a distinctive design philosophy. Playful, standing out from the crowd and taking inspiration from everyday objects but always with a sense of fun. Surprising and delightful in equal measures their cheerful designs are rebellious and nonconformist in the cheekiest way. Where the Burgher and Hotdog Sofas fit into your life is entirely up to you. Make a statement in your restaurant, reception area or perhaps your movie room at home. Give yourself something to smile about and liven up your space with Seletti!

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