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The Fatboy Oil  Lamp that is Flamtastique! - Panik Design
Essentially, I am often left to my own devices when it comes to writing about our products. Generally, I will ask the team what their favourite piece is that week but, today I took a leisurely browse through our categories for inspiration. Like a psychic waiting for a connection, I kept scrolling and this is what spoke to me. The Fatboy Oil Lamp Flamtastique!

Shadows of winter are still lingering. Like most of us I am eagerly awaiting the beginning of spring. I don't know about you but I'm freezing and still light a log fire every night! That is why I think the Flamtastique Oil Lamp jumped out at me. They are just so warm and cosy! Fatboy have revived the original design of an old oil lamp by giving it a stylish vintage twist. 

Interestingly, the Flamtastique concept by Fatboy has given us a combination creating a harmonious and cohesive look. Combining the original detail of a traditional oil lamp with the distinctly classic vintage pastel colours gives the Flamtastique a retro feel. The open flame of the oil lamp is not just visually attractive, there are many emotional and health benefits too. In fact, a study in Alabama claims that the effect of sitting by or watching open fire or a flame helps us become calmer and more sociable. It even causes our blood pressure to drop!

Available in a range of sizes, this modern take of the original oil lamp is suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Take a look at the collection and find the perfect fit for your living space.
The Fatboy Oil Lamp... It's Flamtastique!
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