Paul Overton Creative Director Panik Design

There’s no suit like a Birthday suit! - Panik Design
“You’re born naked, and the rest is fashion!” Paul Overton

Inspirational, risk taker, trend setter, dandy, open minded, fabulous, stylish, visionary, kind and generous…. Yes, it’s compliments galore when it comes to our treasured business owner! And what does he owe the pleasure of this annual fluffing up? It’s his BIRTHDAY!

Mesmerised is a word I would use to describe the way people feel when they first meet Paul Overton. Mr Overton is always overdressed, never under! In fact, allow me to disclose a little secret.. Our company founder is so dapper that he even wears a suit to watch TV! The Panikista girls think this is fabulous, hilarious, and utterly BONKERS! I mean, how uncomfortable! But that is Paul all over. He never compromises fashion for comfort, ever!

From Club King to Design Thing…
Something our readers don’t know is that there is a long history of outrageous dressing when it comes to Paul.  Back in the day a group of us used to hit the dancefloor together and his clubwear was a sight to be seen! His unlimited, no holds barred imagination and originality meant he always stood out from the crowd. Ask him about the time he went out with a birdcage on his head! And let me tell you that it was Paul who was responsible for starting the trend of men wearing a sarong, way before David Beckham had anything to do with it! It is his passion for fashion that began his addiction to contemporary design, literally by dressing his home in the same luxurious haute couture that he wears.

Now, 21 years since the birth of Panik Design, Paul has continued to make the company shine by putting the same energy and devotion into his work as he did on the dancefloor. Working for Panik is without a doubt the best job in the world, the company is bursting with a high vibe buzz! The celebration for Paul’s special day is taking place…… yes you guessed it, here in the showroom!! What better place to be, surrounded by years of contemporary design treasures and a team that adore not just the iconic collections here, but the man himself. Quite frankly, every day is like a birthday at Panik, and if there’s one final word to sum up the birthday boy as a person it would be, FUN!

Happy Birthday Paul! With love from your Panikista’s!
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