Driade Cocky Armchair and Coffee Table Blog Post

What the Cluck?!
What came first? The Driade chicken armchair or the egg? Don't get Cocky with your answer!

Outrageous, extravagant, extrovert and deliciously daring. Allow me to introduce you to Cocky, the chair that gives you wings! Seriously, what was Sfera Ebbasta thinking when he created this bird related seating line? Flying, that's what! The inspiration behind his design comes out of  a desire from Ebbasta to bring the two souls of human and bird together, uniting us with this noble species. 

Revealing our unconscious longing to fly is a fascination among humans, often the first answer when asked what super power would you most like to have. The ability to soar through the air with ease and grace is something we have all thought of or dreamt about at some point in our lives. Dream experts suggest a verity of interesting and hidden meanings when our sleep allows us the gift of flight. Moving this concept to the next level the Cocky Armchair takes you under its wing with soft armrests that unfurl, offering you a protective space to just be, you!

"I am happy to bring my artistic vision to the world of design. Those who know me know how important style is to me and an artist today has to be able to be 360 degrees." Sfera Ebbasta

 Releasing their deepest thoughts and feelings in creative projects such as Cocky is a privilege that designers like Ebbasta allow us to be invited into. Made for Driade as a fun, beautifully unusual and conceptual piece Cocky is an attention grabbing and playful addition to their incredible furniture collection. If you want to stand out from the crowd, this chair is definitely for you!

Believe you can fly, with the Driade Cocky Armchair!
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