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"Kartell has a family-oriented philosophy or, in other words, we’re a philosophical family. Kartell was the only company that understood—before anyone else—that plastic alone could improve quality and lead to the creation of interesting and genuine products for as many people as possible."
Philippe Starck con Eugeni Quitllet

Ok, so I know we now have an actual King of England, and then there's a King of Pop (this person will vary depending on your musical taste). Unarguably the King of Fashion is our company founder, the oh so flamboyant Paul Overton but, I think I have just found a new King. The King of Chairs! This week at Panik Design I got to experience our company just like one of you, a real life customer. Usually when I am on a Panik shopping spree I am in the showroom and end up leaving the office with my car crammed to the roof with goodies.  Possibly, I could even enter the Guinness Book of Records for the most amount of furniture fitted into an Audi TT. But even I couldn't make these items fit so this week I was shipped out 3 beautiful golden Kartell Masters Stools, all packed expertly by Cata our fabulous warehouse Manager. It's so exciting receiving huge boxes in the post! Even more exciting is that I am now Goldilocks and the 3 Chairs!

The Kartell Masters chair was created by the designers Philippe Starck and Eugeni Quitllet in 2009 and represents a tribute to the "big three". The Masters design has the unmistakable graphic structure of each original chair, interweaving the silhouettes of every one. The combination of chairs that Philippe Starck took his inspiration are clear, the previous design classics melting into the backrest of the Kartell Masters chair. Deliciously shadowed within his creation are the templates of the series 7 chair by Arne Jacobsen, the Tulip armchair by Eero Saarinen and the Charles & Ray Eames Side Chair. All these pieces beam with transparency and lightness which is beautifully echoed within Masters.

"Our aim is to develop products using the most innovative industrial techniques to reduce our impact on the environment" Kartell Loves The Planet

As always, Kartell dazzle us with conceptual wit, not without irony and provocation. The Masters Chair impresses as a thoroughly contemporary design. Undisputed as the plastics specialist in the furniture design sector, the Italian company has been experimenting with plastics by using innovative technologies and production processes since the 1950s. Kartell is committed to following a specially developed sustainability code to achieve 11 of the 17 development goals defined by the United Nations for a better future. The use of sustainable materials is already standard in the production of Kartell products. During production, the manufacturer pays equal attention to reducing the environmental impact as well as to long-lasting quality and aesthetics.

The Masters chair displays the perfect combination of design history, contemporary conceptual ideas and innovative production processes. That, as a product, it is not just functional but reflects an artistically organic hallmark for all Kartell furniture.
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