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"The world is going through tough times, but we should never give up on being united and trying to strike for peace, equality and happiness" André Saraiva


Who is Smiley? You’ve seen it on designer fashion labels. You’ve seen it on jewellery. You may have even seen it as a regretful tattoo on your best friend’s butt cheek! Oh yes, I'm talking about Smiley, the world famous iconic yellow smiley face! It's been used in advertising, rave culture and now as a social media go-to representing the international symbol of happiness.  Originally created by Harvey Ross Ball in 1963, Smiley was drawn by this graphic artist for an insurance company. After enduring a series of tough transitions, the insurance company wanted an optimistic image that would boost morale after difficult times. What happened over the coming years is that Smiley became a global phenomenon!    

The World’s Oldest Emoji!


It's 2022 and Smiley is celebrating turning 50 with the launch of a global campaign to reawaken the original mantra ‘Take the Time to Smile’. To kick off Smiley's 50th birthday the company have collaborated with the striking and extrovert brand Seletti to promote the launch of Future Positive, an industry original campaign. Working with other global brands, Future Positive is designed to combat worldwide social and climate injustice through its product transparency and sustainability. The Collector's range uses artwork created especially for Smiley by artist Andrè Saraiva, splashing a contemporary graffiti twist to the classic original icon!


Whenever I see, hear, think, or write about Seletti there is one word that just bursts into my mind every single time..... FUN! If you do not have a piece of Seletti in your life, you need to. They are, without a doubt, one of the most outrageous, nonconformist, playful, colourful, imaginative and humorous brands EVER EVER EVER! Yes, that was 3 EVERS, just so you got the full effect! The Seletti line holds a distinctive design philosophy; playful, standing out from the crowd and taking inspiration from everyday objects but, always with an unexpected, witty twist. Seletti are surprising and delightful in equal measures and always a talking point! Never ordinary, always beautifully unusual, Seletti guarantees the WOW factor and this time, it's wearing the biggest Smiley Smile!

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