“At Skagerak, we set the bar high to develop products made with sincere craftsmanship, environmental considerations and a universal aesthetic.”

 Bonfire night is only a few days away and I am so excited to tell you that I have something in stock that goes hand in hand with this celebration!  At Panik Design we think you deserve the ultimate cosy ‘go to’ whilst enjoying the biggest decorative display the sky gives us each year.  The Skagerak Iota Blanket is possibly this most luxurious throw you will ever own. Made of 50% Alpaca and 50% Merina wool, the texture is so soft it’s like wrapping yourself in a fluffy cloud!

Alpacas are responsible for bearing some of the silkiest, most versatile coats in nature. Their fur is said to be stronger than mohair, warmer than goose down and more breathable than thermal knits. Skagerak have taken your comfort to the next level by mixing the Alpaca knit with Marina, a breed of sheep famed for its fine soft wool. This blend of baby soft fabrics gives you both style, blissful comfort and warmth, all rolled into one! The design for this blanket was created by Included Middle who have interpreted the woven gap in a classic check pattern. Based on the name Iota, the ninth letter in the Greek alphabet, inspired a visual image that Included Middle have translated into a minimalist pattern.

At Panik Design we want you to be snug as well as looking stylish! We have 3 different colours of these beautiful blankets available for next day delivery!  Wrap yourself up in the sublime softness of the Skagerak Iota. It’s not just a blanket, it’s a textural delicacy as well as being super chic! We just love it and we know you will too.  Cuddle up and keep warm whilst keeping up with contemporary fashion…

Because you’re so worth it!

To view the Skagerak Iota Blanket click on the link below!

Skagerak Iota Blanket – https://panik-design.com/#/fd684b72-4828-44a3-a786-9e258f3ef6b1/fullscreen/autofilters=true&page=1&query=skagerak+iota&query_name=match_and&rpp=20

Skagerak Collection – https://panik-design.com/#/fd684b72-4828-44a3-a786-9e258f3ef6b1/fullscreen/autofilters=true&filter[brand][]=Skagerak&page=1&query=skagerak&query_name=match_and&rpp=20

With Love!

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