Holmegaard is a Danish design icon and one of the most recognised names in the Scandinavian tradition of craftsmanship. The long and proud tradition of glass production dates back to 1825, when Countess Henriette Danneskiold-Samsøe created an artistic and aesthetic design universe at the glassworks.


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Holmegaard Tumbler 19cl REGINAHolmegaard Tumbler 19cl REGINA
Holmegaard Champagne Glass 25cl REGINAHolmegaard Champagne Glass 25cl REGINA
Holmegaard Dessert Wine 10cl REGINAHolmegaard Dessert Wine 10cl REGINA
Holmegaard White Wine Glass 18cl REGINAHolmegaard White Wine Glass 18cl REGINA
Holmegaard Red Wine Glass 28cl REGINAHolmegaard Red Wine Glass 28cl REGINA
Holmegaard Shot Glass 5cl 2pcs Det DanskeHolmegaard Shot Glass 5cl 2pcs Det Danske
Holmegaard Christmas Annual Collection 2023Holmegaard Christmas Annual Collection 2023
Holmegard Christmas Annual Bauble 2023Holmegard Christmas Annual Bauble 2023
Holmegaard Christmas Bell 2003Holmegaard Christmas Bell 2003
Holmegaard Christmas Biscuit Jar 2023Holmegaard Christmas Biscuit Jar 2023
Holmegaard Christmas Bottle 73cl 2023Holmegaard Christmas Bottle 73cl 2023
Holmegaard Christmas Glass Mugs 24clHolmegaard Christmas Glass Mugs 24cl
Holmegaard ARC LanternHolmegaard ARC Lantern
Holmegaard ARC Lantern Sale priceFrom $75.00
Holmegaard Christmas Tea light Holder 2pcs 2022 CollectionHolmegaard Christmas Tea light Holder 2pcs 2022 Collection
Holmegaard Carafe 110cl PERFECTIONHolmegaard Carafe 110cl PERFECTION
Holmegaard DWL Lantern Candle Holder GreenHolmegaard Lantern Olive Green DWL
Holmegaard Old English Flowerpot BowlHolmegaard Old English Flowerpot Bowl
Holmegaard FORMA Glass VaseHolmegaard FORMA Glass Vase
Holmegaard FORMA Glass BowlHolmegaard Forma Glass Bowl
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Holmegaard DWL Lantern Candle HolderHolmegaard DWL Lantern Candle Holder
Holmegaard DWL Lantern Candle Holder Sale priceFrom $59.00 Regular price$65.00
Holmegaard Souvenir Christmas Bauble 8cmHolmegaard Souvenir Christmas Bauble 8cm
Holmegaard FLOW Tumbler 35clHolmegaard FLOW Tumbler 35cl
Save 11%
Holmegaard FLOW Tumbler 35clHolmegaard FLOW Tumbler 35cl
Holmegaard FLOW Tumbler 35cl Sale price$25.00 Regular price$28.00
Holmegaard Christmas  Glass Tree Table DisplayHolmegaard Christmas  Glass Tree Table Display
Holmegaard Perfection The Bowl Wine Glass 1.4LHolmegaard Bowl Red Wine Glass 1.4L PERFECTION
Holmegaard FLOW Tealight HolderHolmegaard FLOW Tealight Holder
Holmegaard Flow Block Candle HolderHolmegaard FLOW Block Candle Holder
Holmegaard Old English Glass VaseHolmegaard Old English Glass Vase
Holmegaard Old English Solitaire VaseHolmegaard Old English Solitaire Vase
Holmegaard Flora Vase Louise CampbellHolmegaard FLORA Vases
Holmegaard FLORA Vases Sale priceFrom $31.00
Holmegaard Future Tumbler 4pcs 37clHolmegaard Tumbler 4pcs 37cl FUTURE
Holmegaard Tumbler 6pcs 25cl FUTUREHolmegaard Tumbler 6pcs 25cl FUTURE
Holmegaard Wine Decanter 220cl PERFECTIONHolmegaard Wine Decanter 220cl PERFECTION
Holmegaard Perfection Sommelier Glass 90cl 6pcsHolmegaard Red Wine Glass 90cl 6pcs PERFECTION
Holmegaard Red Wine Glass 59cl 6pcs PERFECTIONHolmegaard Red Wine Glass 59cl 6pcs PERFECTION
Holmegaard Perfection Brandy Glass 36cl 6pcsHolmegaard Brandy Glass 36cl 6pcs PERFECTION
Holmegaard Perfection Aquavit Glass 5.5cl 6pcsHolmegaard Shot Glass 5.5cl 6pcs PERFECTION
Holmegaard Tumbler 23cl 6pcs PERFECTIONHolmegaard Tumbler 23cl 6pcs PERFECTION
Holmegaard Perfection Tall Tumbler 45cl 6pcsHolmegaard Highball 45cl 6pcs PERFECTION
Holmegaard Perfection Martini Glass 29cl 6pcsHolmegaard Martini Glass 29cl 6pcs PERFECTION
Holmegaard Perfection Champagne Glass 23cl 6pcsHolmegaard Champagne Glass 23cl 6pcs PERFECTION
Holmegaard Perfection Cocktail Glass 38cl 6pcsHolmegaard Cocktail Glass 38cl 6pcs PERFECTION
Holmegaard White Wine Glass 32cl 6pcs PERFECTIONHolmegaard White Wine Glass 32cl 6pcs PERFECTION
Holmegaard Perfection Red Wine Glass 43cl 6pcsHolmegaard Red Wine Glass 43cl 6pcs PERFECTION
Holmegaard Bouquet Beer Glass 53cl 6pcsHolmegaard Beer Glass 53cl 6pcs BOUQUET
Holmegaard Shot Glass 7cl 6pcs BOUQUETHolmegaard Shot Glass 7cl 6pcs BOUQUET
Holmegaard Bouquet Spirits Glass 24cl 6pcsHolmegaard Spirits Glass 24cl 6pcs BOUQUET
Holmegaard Bouquet Water Beer Glass 38cl 6pcsHolmegaard Tumbler 38cl 6pcs BOUQUET
Holmegaard Bouquet Champagne Glass 29cl 6pcsHolmegaard Champagne Glass 29cl 6pcs BOUQUET
Holmegaard Bouquet Dessert Wine Glass 32cl 6pcsHolmegaard Dessert Wine Glass 32cl 6pcs BOUQUET