The Qubus brand was founded in 2002 by Jakub Berdych together with Maxim Velčovský, and in the same year they opened a design store of the same name, which was created with the idea of ​​presenting Czech contemporary and conceptual design with wit and unconventional. Under the Qubus brand, a number of now iconic design products, collections and works were created. Qubus products are characterized by their humor and search for new meanings and contexts.


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Qubus Hände Hoch Mirror Ltd EdQubus Hände Hoch Mirror Ltd Ed
Qubus Hände Hoch Candleholder Ltd EdQubus Hände Hoch Candleholder Ltd Ed
Qubus Hände Hoch Tray Ltd EdQubus Hände Hoch Tray Ltd Ed
Qubus Little Joseph Candle Holder SilverQubus - Little Joseph Candle Holder (qty x1)
Qubus Milk Sandblasted Glass Vase
Qubus Waterproof Wellington Boot VasesQubus Wellington Boot Vases
Qubus Wellington Boot Vases Sale priceFrom $297.00
Qubus Jakub Berdych Mallet Ltd Ed Object
Qubus Candle Holder Little Joseph GoldQubus - Little Joseph Candle Holder (qty x1)
Qubus Sugar Dispenser Life of the SnowmanQubus Life of the Snowman Sugar Dispenser
Qubus - Digi Clock White Porcelain
Qubus - Digi Clock Porcelain Gold Ltd Ed
Qubus Glass Jars 3pcs MATROSKAQubus Glass Jars 3pcs MATROSKA
Qubus - Shrine Glass Container qty x1
Qubus Candle Holder TRABANT Spirit of the EastQubus - Spirit of the East Candle Holder (qty x1)
Qubus Candle Holder LUCIFERQubus Candle Holder LUCIFER
Qubus Candle Holder Little JosephQubus Candle Holder Little Joseph
Qubus Long Drink BottleQubus - Jakub Berdych - Longdrink Bottle