SELETTI – A charming place that links design to pop art.

From its very first year in 1964, Seletti in Cicognara, Mantova, has followed its principle of professionality service and constant research to strive for betterness innovation and originality. The company focuses on design projects and on creative characteristic Italian excellence.


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Seletti Looking Right Bird LampsSeletti Looking Right Bird Lamps
Seletti Terracotta VasesSeletti Terracotta Vases
Seletti Terracotta Vases Sale priceFrom $69.00
Save 14%
Seletti Kintsugi Cutlery - 4 Set
Seletti Kintsugi Cutlery - 4 Set Sale price$77.00 Regular price$90.00
Seletti Kintsugi Tableware - GlassesSeletti Kintsugi Tableware - Glasses
Seletti Cupid Table LightSeletti Cupid Table Light
Save 16%
Seletti OX Smiley Porcelain VaseSeletti OX Smiley Porcelain Vase
Seletti OX Smiley Porcelain Vase Sale price$58.00 Regular price$69.00
Save 16%
Seletti Smiley Porcelain VaseSeletti Smiley Porcelain Vase
Seletti Smiley Porcelain Vase Sale price$58.00 Regular price$69.00
Seletti Working Gummy Table lightSeletti Working Gummy Table light
Seletti Dreaming Gummy Table lightSeletti Dreaming Gummy Table light
Seletti Snooping Gummy Table lightSeletti Snooping Gummy Table light
Seletti My Little Holiday Table LightSeletti My Little Holiday Table Light
Save 15%
Seletti Gold Snake Diesel WunderkrammerSeletti Gold Snake Diesel Wunderkrammer
Seletti Gold Snake Diesel Wunderkrammer Sale price$276.00 Regular price$324.00
Save 15%
Seletti Classic Smiley CushionSeletti Classic Smiley Cushion
Seletti Classic Smiley Cushion Sale price$116.00 Regular price$137.00
Seletti Smiley Wood Frame Mirror
Seletti Gradient Smiley CushionSeletti Gradient Smiley Cushion
Seletti Rainbow Revolution Led Wall LightSeletti Rainbow Revolution Led Wall Light
Seletti Holy Smokes AshtraySeletti Holy Smokes Ashtray
Seletti Social Smoker AshtraySeletti Social Smoker Ashtray
Seletti Wall Led Neon Rose SignSeletti Wall Led Neon Rose Sign
Save 15%
Seletti Table Light GRACESeletti GRACE Table Light
Seletti GRACE Table Light Sale price$264.00 Regular price$310.00
Seletti Comfy ArmchairSeletti Comfy Armchair
Seletti Comfy Armchair Sale price$4,953.00
Seletti Comfy SofaSeletti Comfy Sofa
Seletti Comfy Sofa Sale price$8,346.00
Seletti Mouse Lie Down Table Light GoldSeletti Mouse Lie Down Table Light Gold
Seletti Mouse Sitting Table Light GoldSeletti Mouse Sitting Table Light Gold
Seletti Mouse Lamp Step GoldSeletti Mouse Lamp Step Gold
Seletti Mouse Lamp Step WhiteSeletti Mouse Lamp Step White
Seletti Mouse Sitting Table Light WhiteSeletti - Mouse Lamp - Sitting Light
Save 15%
Seletti Space Cowboy Mirror
Seletti Space Cowboy Mirror Sale price$232.00 Regular price$273.00
Seletti Mirror Gold Frame Two of Spades
Seletti Cosmic Quasar Cutlery 4pcsSeletti Cosmic Quasar Cutlery 4pcs
Seletti Cosmic Quasar ChopstickSeletti Cosmic Quasar Chopstick
Seletti Selfie Wall Mirror
Seletti Poker Wall Mirror
Seletti Vanity Wall Mirror
Seletti Porcelain Chinese Vase ToiletpaperSeletti Poercelain Vase Chinese Style Toiletpaper Range
Seletti Guiltless Tarin TeacupSeletti Guiltless Tarin Teacup
Seletti Trumpets Mirror Chest Of DrawersSeletti Trumpets Mirror Chest Of Drawers
Seletti Lipstick Mirror Chest of DrawersSeletti Lipstick Mirror Chest of Drawers
Seletti Snakes Mirror Chest of DrawersSeletti Snakes Mirror Chest of Drawers
Seletti Snakes Mirror Cabinet Sliding Door
Seletti Mirror WardrobeSeletti Mirror Wardrobe
Seletti Mirror Wardrobe Sale price$4,278.00
Seletti Mirror Cabinet Sliding DoorSeletti Mirror Cabinet Sliding Door
Seletti Snakes Mirror Screen
Seletti Lipstick Mirror Screen
Seletti Peacock LightSeletti Peacock Light
Seletti My Moon Floor Light SeatSeletti My Moon Floor Light Seat
Seletti Noix NutcrackerSeletti Noix Nutcracker
Save 28%
Seletti Colossus Foot Side TableSeletti Colossus Foot Side Table
Seletti Colossus Foot Side Table Sale price$199.00 Regular price$278.00
Seletti Chameleon Light Bulb
Save 8%
Seletti Chameleon Light StillSeletti Chameleon Light Still
Seletti Chameleon Light Still Sale price$119.00 Regular price$129.00