SKAGERAK by Fritz Hansen


Skagerak is an international design company established in 1976 in Denmark. We have always focused on designing and producing high-quality furniture that ages with grace and lasts for generations. We want to inspire our customers to live well and think long-term. Always looking for new ways of doing business has led Skagerak to the forefront of modern sustainable furniture production.


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Skagerak CUTTER Low StoolSkagerak CUTTER Low Stool
Skagerak CUTTER Low Stool Sale priceFrom $491.00
Skagerak NORR Serving TraySkagerak Norr Oak Tray
Skagerak NORR Serving Tray Sale priceFrom $113.00
Skagerak Nomad TraySkagerak NOMAD Oak Tray
Skagerak Nordic Round Oak TraySkagerak Nordic Round Oak Tray
Skagerak Oak Serving Tray NO 10Skagerak Oak Serving Tray NO 10
Skagerak DANIA Low StoolSkagerak DANIA Low Stool
Skagerak DANIA Low Stool Sale price$250.00
Skagerak FIONA Folding StoolSkagerak FIONA Folding Stool
Skagerak Bollard Oil LampSkagerak Bollard Oil Lamp
Skagerak CUTTER Coat Rack 7 hooksSkagerak CUTTER Coat Rack 7 hooks
Skagerak CUTTER Coat Rack 7 hooks Sale priceFrom $354.00
Skagerak GEORG Low StoolSkagerak Georg Stool
Skagerak GEORG Low Stool Sale priceFrom $423.00
Skagerak Oak Step Ladder NOBORUSkagerak Oak Step Ladder NOBORU
Skagerak NORR Wall Magazine Holder 120cmSkagerak Norr Double Magazine Holder Oak
Skagerak NORR Wall Magazine Holder 75Skagerak Norr Magazine Holder Oak
Skagerak NORR Wall ShelfSkager Norr Shelf w Brass Mount
Skagerak CUTTER Mini Coat HangerSkagerak CUTTER Mini Coat Hanger
On sale
Skagerak Jut High CabinetSkagerak JUT High Cabinet Oak Marble
Skagerak JUT High Cabinet Oak Marble Sale priceFrom $2,705.00
Skagerak Aldus TableSkagerak Aldus Table
Skagerak Aldus Table Sale priceFrom $2,477.00
Skagerak Lilium Lounge ChairSkagerak Lilium Lounge Chair
Skagerak Lilium Lounge TableSkagerak Lilium Lounge Table
Skagerak Lilium TableSkagerak Lilium chair
Skagerak Lilium Table Sale price$1,705.00
Skagerak Lilium ChairSkagerak Lilium chair
Skagerak newSkagerak Lilium Bench
Skagerak Lilium Bench Sale price$1,085.00
Skagerak new chairSkagerak Vester Chair
Skagerak Tradition Coffee TableSkagerak Tradition Coffee Table
Skagerak Tradition Coffee Table Sale priceFrom $1,002.00
Skagerak Tradition Spacer ModuleSkagerak Tradition Spacer Module
Skagerak Tradition Corner ModuleSkagerak Tradition Corner Module
Skagerak Tradition Lounge ChairSkagerak Tradition Lounge Chair
Skagerak Sild Teak Chopping BoardSkagerak Sild Teak Cutting Board
Skagerak Capri Parasol FootSkagerak Capri Parasol Foot
Skagerak Capri Parasol Foot Sale priceFrom $501.00
Skagerak Umbrella Atlantis ParasolSkagerak Atlantis Parasol
Skagerak Oak Stool NOMADSkagerak NOMAD Low Oak Stool
Skagerak NOMAD Serving Folding TraySkagerak Nomad Folding Tray
Skagerak Edge Brass TraySkagerak EDGE Flower Pots Tray Brass
Skagerak DANIA Storage Teak BoxSkagerak DANIA Storage Teak Box
Skagerak DANIA Cutting BoardSkagerak DANIA Cutting Board
Skagerak Between Lines Deck StoolSkagerak BETWEEN LINES Deck Low Table
Skagerak Between Lines Deck ChairSkagerak BETWEEN LINES Deck Lounge Chair
Skagerak CUTTER Wall Folding SeatSkagerak Cutter Folding Seat
Skagerak CUTTER BenchSkagerak Cutter Bench
Skagerak CUTTER Bench Sale priceFrom $1,093.00
Skagerak Riviera Teak Sunbed, Bench, Table or BedSkagerak Riviera Teak Sunbed, Bench, Table or Bed
Skagerak GEORG Floor MirrorSkagerak GEORG Floor Mirror
Skagerak GEORG Floor Mirror Sale priceFrom $587.00
Skagerak Aino Mirror Oak FrameSkagerak Aino Mirror Oak Frame
Skagerak Collar Coat HangerSkagerak Coat Hanger Oak COLLAR
Skagerak Picnic StoolSkagerak Picnic Stool
Skagerak Picnic Stool Sale price$313.00
Skagerak Picnic TableSkagerak Picnic Folding Table
Skagerak Beach Tennis SetSkagerak Beach Tennis Set
Skagerak GEORG Console Wall TableSkagerak Georg Wall Console Table
Skagerak GEORG Console Wall Table Sale priceFrom $877.00
Skagerak GEORG Oak Wall DeskSkagerak GEORG Oak Wall Desk
Skagerak GEORG Oak Wall Desk Sale priceFrom $1,022.00
Skagerak FIONA Serving TraySkagerak - Fionia Tray Teak
Skagerak FIONA Serving Tray Sale priceFrom $171.00
Skagerak EDGE Flower Pots Glazed TerracottaSkagerak EDGE Flower Pots Glazed Terracotta