Stelton is a Danish design company that specializes in producing high-quality, functional, and minimalist kitchenware, tabletop accessories, and home décor items. The company was founded in 1960 by Peter Holmblad and Stellan Petersson and quickly gained recognition for its innovative and contemporary designs.


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Stelton Hiball Tumblers PILASTRO 35cl 4pcsStelton Hiball Tumblers PILASTRO 35cl 4pcs
Stelton Cocktail Shaker PILASTROStelton Cocktail Shaker PILASTRO
Stelton Teapot 1.25L THEOStelton Teapot 1.25L THEO
Stelton Steak Knife MAYA 4pcsStelton Steak Knife MAYA 4pcs
Stelton Long Drink Spoon MAYA 2pcsStelton Long Drink Spoon MAYA 2pcs
Stelton Cake ServerStelton Cake Server
Stelton Watering Can 1.7 L ORIGINALStelton Watering Can 1.7 L ORIGINAL
Stelton Coffee Vacuum Jug EMMAStelton Coffee Vacuum Jug EMMA
Stelton Sugar Bowl with Lid EMMA
Stelton Bowl Stockholm AquaticStelton Bowl Stockholm Aquatic
Stelton Vase Stockholm AquaticStelton Vase Stockholm Aquatic
Stelton Bowls Stockholm HorizonStelton Bowls Stockholm Horizon
Stelton AJ Ice Bucket CylindaStelton AJ Ice Bucket Cylinda
Save 10%
Stelton Ring Rubber for inner glass EM77Stelton Vacuum Jug 1L EM77
Stelton Ring Rubber for inner glass EM77 Sale price$9.00 Regular price$10.00
Save 10%
Stelton Replacement Glass for Oil Lamp 1005 1006Stelton Oil Lamp w Clear Glass Shade 1005
Stelton Replacement Glass for Oil Lamp 1005 1006 Sale price$26.00 Regular price$29.00
Save 27%
Stelton Oil Lamp Replacement White Plastic Ring for 1008
Stelton Coffee French Press THEOStelton Coffee French Press THEO
Stelton Sauce Ladle MAYAStelton Sauce Ladle MAYA
Stelton Cutlery AZTECStelton Cutlery AZTEC
Stelton Cutlery AZTEC Sale priceFrom $15.00
Stelton Cutlery UNA by T EckhoffStelton Cutlery UNA Tias Eckhoff
Save 33%
Stelton Cutlery 3 pcs EMStelton Cutlery 3 pcs EM
Stelton Cutlery 3 pcs EM Sale price$38.00 Regular price$57.00
Stelton Tea Maker Norman FOSTERStelton Tea Maker Norman FOSTER
Stelton Glass Wine Cooler PILASTROStelton Pilastro Glass Wine Cooler
Stelton Vacuum Jug 1L Norman FOSTERStelton Vacuum Jug 1L Norman FOSTER
Stelton AJ Ashtray CylindaStelton Arne Jacobsen Revolving Ashtray
Stelton AJ Ashtray Cylinda Sale priceFrom $128.00
Stelton Maya Dinner CutleryStelton Maya Dinner Cutlery
Save 10%
Stelton Ice Bucket COLLARStelton Ice Bucket COLLAR
Stelton Ice Bucket COLLAR Sale price$99.00 Regular price$110.00
Stelton Glass Tumblers 33 cl 6pcs PILASTROStelton Glass Tumblers 33 cl 6pcs PILASTRO
Save 10%
Stelton Replacement Glass Shade for 1008 Oil LampStelton Replacement Glass Shade for 1008 Oil Lamp
Stelton Bread Box EMMAStelton Bread Box EMMA
Stelton Bread Box EMMA Sale price$118.00
Stelton AJ Wine Cooler CylindaStelton AJ Champagne Cooler w Arne Jacobsen
Stelton Toaster Grey EMMAstelton-toaster-grey-1
Stelton Electric Kettle 1.5 L EM77Stelton EM77 Electric Kettle
Stelton Espresso Thermo Cup 2pcs Norman FosterStelton Espresso Thermo Cup 2pcs Norman Foster
Stelton Glass Tumbler 2pcs Norman FosterStelton Glass Tumbler 2pcs Norman FOSTER
Stelton Stainless steel  Tumblers Norman FOSTERStelton Stainless steel  Tumblers Norman FOSTER
Stelton Jug 2L Norman FosterStelton Jug 2L Norman Foster
Stelton Press Coffee Maker 1L Norman FosterStelton Coffee Maker French Press 1L Norman FOSTER
Stelton Vacuum Jug 1L Norman FosterStelton Vacuum Jug 1L stainless steel Norman FOSTER
Stelton Dish 46cm Norman FosterStelton Serving Dish 46cm Norman FOSTER
Stelton Bowl 36cm Norman FosterStelton Serving Bowl 36cm Norman FOSTER
Stelton Carafe w Stopper Norman FosterStelton Serving Carafe Norman FOSTER
Stelton Cutlery EM MagnussenStelton Cutlery EM Magnussen
Stelton Cutlery CHACO by T EckhofStelton Cutlery CHACO Tias Eckhof
Stelton Concave VaseStelton Concave Vase
Stelton Concave Vase Sale priceFrom $95.00
Stelton Emma Serving Tray 35cm GreyStelton Serving Tray Grey EMMA
Stelton Vacuum Tea Jug EMMAStelton Vacuum Tea Jug EMMA
Stelton Vacuum Tea Jug EMMA Sale price$136.00
Stelton Vase Stockholm HorizonStelton Vase Stockholm Horizon
Stelton Serving Platter 34cm TWIN
Stelton Vacuum Jug 0.5L EM77Stelton Vacuum Jug 0.5L EM77
Stelton Vacuum Jug 0.5L EM77 Sale priceFrom $86.00