I didnʼt really have to design the ‘Louis Ghost’ chair, because it is part of our western shared memory. It basically designed itself. Itʼs a ʻLouis somethingʼ, we donʼt know what, but everyone recognises it and it looks familiar. Itʼs here when you want to see it, and you can mix it if you want to be discrete. Itʼs on the verge of disappearing, dematerialising. Like everything that is produced by our civilisation.

Philippe Starck

If you are a lover of contemporary design you will no doubt be addicted to the WOW factor! The company I am writing about this morning are the dictionary definition of WOW! Today, I am writing about one of the greatest legends of the design world. Kartell.

How many of you out there have teenagers? Most of you will have had or currently own a teenager. We all adore our children of course but, most of us can categorically say that teenagers are in a league of their own when it comes to knowing it all! This brings me to the reason for my newsletter today. Sitting with my gorgeous know it all teenager last night we enjoyed a hilarious conversation over the infamous Louis Ghost chair. It appears that my darling teenager has taken more interest in my work than she lets on. Pointing out that she was looking at a copy of the Kartell Ghost chair she insisted that the original wasn’t by Kartell. We then had a very childish repertoire of yes it was, no it wasn’t, until she gave me her most scathing look, flicked her hair over her shoulder and said “it was made by Philippe Starck”. Daring to smile, I burst out laughing and showed her on Google (the answer to everything in my house is GOOGLE IT!) that the Louis Ghost was made by Philippe Starck – for KARTELL!

According to chair expert, Julie Muniz, Ghost chairs derive their name from the transparent material they’re made from. “Made with clear plastic or glass, they virtually disappear in a room leaving behind a ghostly silhouette. Designers love them because they work with just about any décor and are especially good for small spaces.”

The lucite Louis Ghost chair is relatively new to the scene for such an archetypal piece of design. Released in 2002 the Ghost chair has since been endlessly copied, proving to be the hallmark of an instant classic. The chair is a bold statement in it’s creation as it appears to be completely invisible. Undeniably, the Louis Ghost allows for understated elegance. Giving us a timeless treat, the beauty of the Ghost is that it easily blends into any space. Camouflaging itself or as a focal point you can choose the way it is styled. The Louis Ghost is now available in a rainbow of transparent colours including the beautiful Sunset Orange that I own. Celebrating an entire collection and also a girlfriend, the Victoria, there are also stools and tables galore. Don’t be scared to take a look…. It’s only a Ghost!

Click on the links to see the Ghost for yourself….

The Louis Ghost Collection – https://panik-design.com/#/fd684b72-4828-44a3-a786-9e258f3ef6b1/fullscreen/autofilters=true&page=1&query=louis+ghost&query_name=match_and&rpp=20

The Ghost Range – https://panik-design.com/#/fd684b72-4828-44a3-a786-9e258f3ef6b1/fullscreen/autofilters=true&filter[brand][]=Kartell&filter[categories][]=Furniture&page=1&query=ghost&query_name=match_and&rpp=20

The Kartell Emporium – https://panik-design.com/#/fd684b72-4828-44a3-a786-9e258f3ef6b1/fullscreen/autofilters=true&filter[brand][]=Kartell&page=1&query=kartell&query_name=match_and&rpp=20

With love!

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