Alessi Toaster PLISSE Green

HOT OFF THE PRESS! Panik Design are the FIRST UK retailer to have the Alessi Plisse Green kitchen range!

“A form with no folds is just a volume without form”. Michele De Lucchi Plissé designer

 Alessi have gone and done it again! Today at Panik Design we are all in a spin over their brand new release of the Plisse Green collection. Not only that, I would like to do a substantial amount of bragging here, we are extremely proud to announce that we are the FIRST UK retailer to have this in stock whooohooooo!!!

Designed for Alessi by Michele De Lucchi, the Plisse set first burst onto the scene in 2018.  Here, Lucci brings functional aspects and marries it with formal detail and captivating lines. This is a kitchenware range so elegant that it rivals any haute couture dress! Bringing catwalk to the kitchen is a talent of Alessi, the Plisse collection is more than just a kettle or toaster, it’s a style icon in its own right! Sophistication is apparent in the timeless shapes of art design and fashion, making it appealing to those who love to surround themselves with contemporary everyday objects.

Green is more than just a colour. It’s soothing and earthy, bringing the outdoors in. Mineral and organic, Green is the new Black in this classic range. This exclusive new range is dedicated to fans of the now iconic pleated design. More than just kitchenware, this is a collection that has soul! Be one of the FIRST to own a piece of Alessi history with this captivating new colour.

We present you Plisse Green by Alessi, with love. 

Click on the links below to be taken into the wonderful world of Alessi!

Alessi Plisse Green –       

Alessi Plisse –

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