There is no occasion like any occasion!

Who doesn’t love receiving fresh flowers? For the most part, flowers are the instant go to every occasion. Congratulations, love, with sympathy or as an apology, flowers are universally gifted as a symbol for almost everything. Or, even for no reason at all, which is the best reason! Any gentleman reading this newsletter, take someone home flowers today and see their face light up. Instant brownie points. You can thank me later! 

My first memory of floral language, as such, is the infamous Daisy petal game ‘he loves me, he loves me not’. Using petals to reveal how your crush feels about you is obviously the most sensible way of finding out!  Moving forward from childhood, the magical result of flowers adorning your space is that they instantly change the atmosphere of the room. Both their look and scent create a feeling of outdoor freshness and provoke an aromatic emotional response, depending on the individual perfume in the petals. The special meaning behind giving flowers has been an important part of various cultures for thousands of years. Thanks to our Victorian ancestors, the language of flowers helped people share deep feelings and sentiments. Even after all this time, the original floral communication representations are still used today. Depending on the type, colour, or the way the bouquet is arranged, each flower family carries a different meaning. More than that, flowers are now used to enhance the ambiance of a room in their own right.

Working with Kartell has enabled me to pursue expressive solutions that only very sophisticated moulds allow us to create, and to share these with the wider public. Patricia Urquiola

Vase designs to compliment and show off flower arrangements are ever evolving to fit into urban living. The JELLY collection, designed by Patricia Urquiola for Kartell, brings us the ironic meeting between soft form and solid substance. It represents the ever exciting search for new textured and visual surprises. Experimenting with the conformation of surface material brings an aesthetic delight in that, the core appears to look like jelly! At Panik Design we are fascinated by the imagination of these designers. The creativity of their mindset can make a classic object resemble something else entirely. The JELLY vase does just that! The revelation appears when you look directly inside the vase, whereby it seems not to be a vase at all, but a jelly mould! The JELLY vase has contours and curves that are seductively suggestive of pastry making. Soft folds and waves disguise the vase, reminiscent of a perfectly sculpted pie crust. A contemporary classic, appreciative of the shape the flowers fall into when placed inside, each one of the JELLY vases is an item to be cherished forever. So for a significant reason, or for no reason at all, the JELLY vase provides the perfect embrace for flowers brought into your space!


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