“Where you choose your own path and imagination rules….” Fatboy

Part of the entertainment in my job is that I get to research why things became a ‘thing’. Take today for example. I decided to write about the gorgeous Fatboy Picnic Lounge Blanket and that got me to thinking…. why do we have picnics, when did this trend even start?

According to my reading, picnics have been about since the 17th century. But, things seemed to take a very interesting turn in the 1800’s by a collection of 200 wealthy young Francophiles. This group of fancy pants founded the ‘Pic Nic Society’ and here is where things take a turn of apparent debauchery! Every member was required to bring a dish and SIX bottles of wine! As The Times reported, this was a lethal concoction of ego and ‘keeping up with the Jones’s’ as each strove to outdo the others in luxury and expense. After dinner there was only one rule and that was PLAY! This ‘Pic Nic Society’ holds a striking resemblance to our company founders work ethic – love what you do, be happy, live extravagantly and most of all, have FUN!

On the contrary to history we Brits love a picnic although, it is generally a much more civilised affair. Some of our fondest memories are of family and friends sitting on a rug outdoors all eating tiny sandwiches and drinking tea. Usually, this is in a park or by the sea with the wind blowing everything everywhere! In this GENIUS design the Fatboy Picnic Lounge Blanket comes with little pegs to secure it in place – what a fabulous idea! Most of us have had that hilarious experience of taking turns sitting on the picnic blanket to stop it blowing away. Now you don’t need to, the Fatboy pegs secure this blanket firmly in place. Tada! It’s a non-flying magic carpet! 

Sadly, the Pic Nic Society was shut down although there is a rather fabulous and extremely funny print titled ‘Blowing up the Pic Nic’s’ in protest of the party pooper that put a stop to it. Luckily, the more sophisticated picnic culture lives on! Send us a picture of your Fatboy Picnic Lounge Blanket on your day out and we will post it on our social media. Let’s celebrate this wonderful al fresco tradition, Panik Design Style! 

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