Kay Bojesen XXL Masterpieces Ltd Ed!

At Panik Design we LOVE a Limited Edition. Today, I have not just one Ltd Ed but a group that are part of a Masterpiece Collection. Does it get any better than that?  #sayWHAT #SOCOOL #thebiggerthebetter!

Kay Bojesen. A modern day Geppetto who’s works have spanned over an incredible 100 years! 

How do you put life and soul into a wooden figure? Kay Bojesen makes this simple. Craft it with love then sprinkle it with magic and adventure! This is the spirit that goes into the woodwork created by the beloved Danish designer Kay Bojesen. For over a century his storytelling through wood has the ability to transport words into something you can see and touch, what an incredible talent! Celebrating the child within is the essence of Bojesen’s creations. His sculptures in wood capture a moment in time from our childhood. A time when there was excitement in every day and an adventure waiting around every corner. To be able to bring that energy into a grownup world is possibly one of the best gifts you could ever receive!

  In this monumental tribute to Kay Bojesen’s works, the Monkey, Hippo and Elephant are the first animals to be launched as grownup design classics. The Masterpieces series is an XXL revival of the original set, oozing just as much passion from their new grand size as ever before. Impressive and exclusive, these design objects are excitedly sought after by collectors. I just can’t WAIT for the reaction now the word is out about the new oversized additions. In fact, I just sent an email to our biggest Kay Bojesen fan Mr Simon Eaton with the subject #madeforsimoneaton! Simon, I know you will be reading this, can you believe your eyes?! It’s your beautiful monkey but SUPER SIZED!

So, for our gorgeous friend and customer Simon, and all the KB groupies… be taken into the wonderful wooden world that is waiting for you. We are so excited for you to see the launch of the XXL Masterpieces. I’m positive you will love them, as much as we do!  Available to order from mid August 2022!

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