Need some good luck? You’re sitting on it!
Pop Art marries Magic Charm

Sometimes we just need a little bit of luck. Most of us have something we say or do to try and sway the odds towards us. My research tells me that the word ‘luck’ has a Middle Dutch root. Apparently, the word was then borrowed by the English in the 1800’s and used possibly as a gambling term. Maybe there was a famous gambler called Albert Luck that started this trend by frequently winning on the roulette tables. Thereby it became known that if you wanted a big win, you needed some ‘Luck’! Don’t ask Siri that, my imagination just ran away with me for a moment. There is no evidence to suggest there was an Arnold Luck responsible for the phenomenon of the word Luck!

Clover Chair, designed for Driade by architect and designer Ron Arad is the ultimate in good fortune. Driade describe themselves as “an aesthetic lab in continuous search for beauty in living spaces” and this is exactly what they do. Born in 1968, Driade produces furniture using experimentation, creativity, alchemy and expression. Bringing functional art into your living space by using playful yet timeless design is their gift. The ability to blend cultures, curiosity and surprise into each piece is an incredible talent of which they are masters. 

Here, we are delivered an infinite lucky charm by Arad’s use in the radical re-conception of form. Organic and unexpected, using smooth lines and nuances he blends together the distinctive silhouette of a four leaf clover. Arad, a poet of shapes and master of experimentation, cleverly displays a symbol of hope, desire, and reassurance in this contemporary masterpiece. Abstract in appearance but alluring in concept, Arad has transformed the unexpected into the expected by the means of absorbing good luck into every inch of this elegant chair. Children in the Middle Ages believed that if they carried a four leaf clover, they would be able to see fairies…

 What will you allow yourself to believe in when you sit in the Driade Clover Chair?!

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