“Where you choose your own path and imagination rules….” Fatboy

Is it a George Michael song? Is it a flying saucer? Is it a hammock? Oh noooooo ladies and gentlemen, it’s so much more than that! It’s the Fatboy Netorious Lounge Seat!

At Panik Design we are all about love. So what could be better than the modern day take on a loveseat? The Netorious Lounge Seat by Fatboy is based on tradition, with a twist. Grand yet subtle, Netorious looks like it’s just landed from outer space with the humorous position of its legs! Whether you are snuggling up to your child or significant other, this outdoor chair celebrates togetherness.

Originally, the two seater sofa made its appearance in the 17th century. This was not to invite a cuddle, but to give more room for the fashion of ladies’ skirts being full of layers and hoops! Social trends during this time still upheld austerity and conservatism, so many sweethearts used the loveseat to their advantage, being able to sit relatively close to one another without talk of scandal! This is how the loveseat became dubbed, the love seat! The world needs far more romance, and this garden chair has smooching written all over it! Not concerned about any scandal, here at Panik Design we give you full permission to cosy down together on the Netorious. Luckily, you don’t need to use layers and hoops as an excuse! This is your time to enjoy the contemporary version of the original wooden two seater.

Now of course, the luxury of the Netorious is that you don’t have to share it. You can sprawl out all by yourself! In fact, forget everything I’ve just written and grab yourself some alone time. Ahhhh, lovely peace and quiet! 

Whether you share this seat or go it alone, call it chilling, millennium style! 

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