A di Alessi – Fridge Magnets 8pcs Set


Brand: Alessi

Designed: 2012 Fridge Magnets 8pcs Set This range of Magnets, includes a range of well known characters from the Alessi collection. Brought to life through bright coloured thermoplastic resin, you can decorate your fridge or any magnetic surface with these small playful keepsakes. Get your hands on Cico, by Stefano Giovannoni, the adorable wide eyed figure who first started life as the Cico Egg Cup, Salt Castor & Spoon or Magic Bunny whose ears and little eyes are timidly peeping over the brim of a magicians hat. Each are available in two bright colours, either light blue or pink for Cico, or green or light blue for Magic Bunny. Expand your collection with Alessandro Mendini’s infamous creations, the best selling Anna G and Alessandro M, the latter a self portrait of the designer himself. Design icons, they both derive from househouse items, Anna G Corkscrew and Alessandro M Corkscrew. Both are available in two colours. Anna G: H 7 cm, W 2 cm Alessandro M: H 6.5 cm x W 3 cm Cico: H 4.5 cm, W 3 cm Magic Bunny: H 6 cm, W 3 cm

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