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HATCH Antimicrobial Hybrid Roller Ball Origin: U.S.A. P5KZ01R The Original Antimicrobial Pen, “Hatch” was designed to take advantage of the innate properties of brass and its remarkable ability to self sterilize. Within a few hours of contact with the brass ions, any bacteria or microorganism dies. While this effect is not new and the concept is centuries old, we don’t currently utilize this materials enormous potential. This antiseptic quality lends itself perfectly to situations where hygiene is a priority, including the medical profession. “Hatch” was designed by Brooklyn based designer Karl Zahn. The pen comes packaged in a sleek black ACME tin with a black refill and ACME literature. PLEASE NOTE: Although this pen is intended to take full advantage of the antimicrobial properties of raw brass, it comes with a thin coating of clear lacquer. This coating is applied to give the consumer a new and polished pen. However, this coating will slowly wear away over time, exposing the raw brass and its properties. The clear coating can also be removed quickly by using a cloth with a solvent like lacquer thinner, but DO NOT soak the pen in any solvent. ACME Writing Tools equipped with roller ball components use German manufactured Schmidt ink refills. (Fine point, non-drying). ? 2013 Good Design Award Winner ?

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