Alessi Colombina Fish Oyster Clam Forks 4pcs

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Alessi Colombina Fish Oyster Clam Forks 4pcs

Alessi Colombina Fish Oyster Clam Forks 4pcs – THE SEA AT YOUR TABLE.


Set of four oyster and clam forks in 18/10 stainless steel mirror polished.

Length (cm):  14.00


Doriana and Massimiliano Fuksas enrich the “Colombina collection” family with a cutlery set designed for seafood lovers. Developed with consultancy by Alberto Gozzi, “Colombina fish” is a complete range of cutlery perfect for serving and enjoying fish dishes. The handles on each piece have a special texture inspired by fish scales: an evocative pattern that clearly indicates the purpose of this cutlery. “Colombina fish” is an eleven-piece collection. Fish fork, knife and Spoon for place settings, together with the equally traditional fork, knife and spoon for serving the fish. The series then continues with several special pieces: an oyster and shellfish fork, butter knife, caviar spoon, shellfish cracker and fork.