Alessi Doraff Kids Chair

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Red, Yellow, Light Blue

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Alessi Doraff Kids Chair

Alessi Doraff Kids Chair

Dutch designer Ben Van Berkel, inspired by his personal experience as a parent facing his children’s small but great achievements, is tackling the design of a children’s collection for the first time. “Giro Kids” is a basic table set complete with everything a child needs to eat their first meals on their own. “Doraff” is a multifunctional seat that leaves room for their innate imagination and creativity: a unique shape which, depending on how you position it, resembles the stylised silhouette of a dog or giraffe.

“Doraff” is a seat, but also a furnishing element that enriches the rooms it is placed in: a presence with an original and colourful design that adds character to any space. From a functional point of view, “Doraff” lends itself to several uses, inviting children to use their playful imagination.

Positioned to resemble the abstract figure of a giraffe, it offers a comfortable, high backrest, but can also be ridden by the child and embraced by its long neck. In the other position, it resembles the stylised shape of a dog on which the child can sit using the “head” as a surface on which to play and draw or eat lunch or snack.

– One object, multiple functions. A piece of furniture but also a children’s chair with a dual nature: a simple seat or a small workstation with a surface on which to draw or do other things.

– Designed to meet the needs of children, to stimulate the fundamental path along which active play develops their creativity and independence.

– Colourful, durable and safe because it is designed to ensure complete stability when used as a seat by children

– Proposed in three colours: red, light blue and yellow
– Can also be used outdoors
– Made in Italy with 100% recyclable thermoplastic resin
– Washable

Height 28 cm
67 x 55cm