Alessi La Cintura di Orione


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Alessi La Cintura di Orione

The project “La Cintura di Orione”, designed by Richard Sapper, dedicated to the private gourmet public, namely those enthusiasts of intelligent and creative cooking who are often led to use some borderline professional utensils because of their culinary passion.

After eight years of developing time, Alessi presents one of the most lengthy and ambitious design projects of the dream factory in 1986: the pot series La Cintura di Orione. The goal was to develop a series of high quality cooking pots that fulfil the requirements, wishes and craftsmanship of of the different cooks and buyers.

Who could provide better advice on such a project than cooking pros? This is how Alessi cut its own path as the first business to create a cooperation between manufacturers and head chefs in 1986. Under the counsel of famous restaurateurs and cooks, particularly Gualtiero Marchesi, Richard Sapper designed a high-quality set of pans, pots, casserole dishes, and sauté pans, which are produced in three versions today.

The original version for the private gourmet was made of a thick-walled copper with a coat of stainless steel. Unexcelled in its conductivity, it ranks “on a top position in the industry”, according to Alberto Alessi.

Later the series was extended with a version of pressed and coated thick-walled aluminium with non-stick coating. In terms of price, it lies clearly below the classic copper version, but is also very capable.

The new Multiply version is made of high-dense aluminium core, which is coated by different stainless steel alloys n both sides. The outer coat is made of AISI 430 steel, the inner one, which comes into contact with food, is made of stainless steel 18/10. Functionally, this new version comes very close to the unbeatable heat conductivity of the copper-steel version. But it is also useable for induction stoves and can easily be cleaned.

In 2009 the new Multiply version of the Alessi La Cintura di Orione pot series won the readers’ prize White Star in Gold, which is awarded annually by the magazines Schöner Wohnen, Essen&Trinken and Living at Home.