Alessi – Marcel Wanders – The Strongman Nutcracker Ltd Ed


Brand: Alessi
Designer: Marcel Wanders

Designed: 2016 The Strongman Nutcracker Ltd Ed Origin: Italy A strapping heart-breaker. That is how Marcel Wanders pictures the character that inspired this original nutcracker. Ladies and gentlemen, welcome the world’s strongest man! With his barbell loaded with big golden balls to show off his amazing strength, his face grimacing from the effort, his muscles rippling and his feet planted firmly on the platform. Marcel Wanders has fun with this character, concealing the functional elements of the nutcracker within the design. The platform conceals the hollow where the nut is placed, turning the weights lowers the cursor and the lace-up boots typically sported by weight lifters form the element that actually cracks the nut. Limited edition numbered from 0 to 999 and 9 artist’s proofs. Material: Polished 18/10 stainless steel Size: H 21.8 cm, L 15.2 cm, W 11 cm

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